SPG Stimulation Therapy in the News

April 2015
Sphenopalatine Ganglion Stimulation in the Pathway CH-1 Study Reduces Headache Burden Before and After Sustained Periods of Cluster Attack Remission

March 2015
Installation of a jammer for cluster headache. Hoofdzaken 1 – 2015, magazine of the Dutch Society of Headache Patients.

January 2015
SPG stimulation: Treating cluster headache at the touch of a button (German)

Cluster headache can be switched off (German)

Cluster headache: A new therapy inspires hope (German)

January 2014
Neurostimulator dispels cluster headache (German)

October 2013
Struggle against the demon headache (German)

New: Little intervention relieves cluster headaches (German)

July 2013
Nerve Stimulation Gains Ground in Headache Treatment (Article requires Medscape sign-in)

June 2013
The Evolution of a Groundbreaking Neurostimulator

May 2013
Autonomic Technologies Selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America Tech Startup

February 2013
ATI Neurostimulation System™ Shown to be Highly Effective in Treating Cluster Headache – Results of a Multi-Centre European Study

A remote-controlled device to stop severe headache pain

October 2012
Neuromodulation tech, cancer scanner headline Cleveland Clinic’s top innovations

April 2012
Implants tested on migraine patients

March 2012
Mouth tingler implanted in gum to beat the pain of migraines

October 2011
A microstimulator for certain headache types

September 2011
Mini-stimulator switches off headaches

July 2011
Medical Device Daily: New device may offer hope for ‘suicide headache’. A Medical Device Daily Interview with ATI’s Management.

June 2011
Implant erases a severe headache

Headache: a Belgian world premiere!

Trial mini-stimulator switches off headaches

Headache: nerve stimulator as a treatment alternative

Implant may end migraine misery

Stimulation against headache

March 2011
San Francisco Business Times Interviews ATI Board Member Kevin Wasserstein.

June 2010
MD+DI (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry) names ATI one of its top 50 companies to watch.

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