Press Releases

January 2018
First Prospective Registry in SPG Stimulation Demonstrates Pulsante® Therapy Effectively Treats Painful, Disabling Cluster Headaches

March 2017
ATI Press Release CE Mark Expansion

June 2016
Pathway Registry 12 Month Interim Results – Long-Term Therapeutic Effectiveness of Sphenopalatine Ganglion Stimulation for Cluster Headache

May 2016
Two-year study results show the Pulsante® Microstimulator provides sustained, long-term relief for cluster headache patients

April 2016
Autonomic Technologies Appoints Niamh Pellegrini as President and Chief Executive Officer

March 2016
Autonomic Technologies® Supports First Cluster Headache Day to Raise Awareness of this Debilitating Disease

December 2015
Autonomic Technologies® opens New International Headquarters to further drive leadership in the field of neurostimulation in headache

June 2015
Autonomic Technologies® announces 200 Cluster Headache Patients Implanted with the pulsante microstimulator

June 2015
Autonomic Technologies completes Transatlantic Series D Financing of $43.2M

May 2015
Autonomic Technologies Raises USD 38M in a Transatlantic Series D Financing

April 2015
Sphenopalatine Ganglion Stimulation in the Pathway CH-1 Study Reduces Headache Burden Before and After Sustained Periods of Cluster Attack Remission

November 2014
Dr. Frank Papay, Co-Inventor of Autonomic Technologies’ Treatment for Severe Headaches, Honored by WebMD as a Health Hero

April 2014
Autonomic Technologies Appoints Karl Schweitzer As New Chief Commercialization Officer

January 2014
Autonomic Technologies Appoints Shashidhar Kori, M.D. As New Chief Medical Officer

February 2013
ATI Neurostimulation System™ Shown to be Highly Effective in Treating Cluster Headache – Results of a Multi-Centre European Study

February 2012
Autonomic Technologies Initiates European Study of Novel Neurostimulator for the Treatment of Severe Migraine

October 2011
Autonomic Technologies Closes Series C Financing

June 2011
Autonomic Technologies Announces Positive Preliminary Findings For A Novel Device for the Treatment of Severe Headache

December 2010
ATI Announces First Patient Implant in European Cluster Headache Study

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